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Sunday, April 19, 2009

(KS) Atty Gen Blames Economy for increase in DV


Attorney general blames economy for increase in domestic violence


The Wichita Eagle

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    WICHITA - Attorney General Steven Six warned Thursday that the recession is fueling an increase in domestic violence.

    The Wichita YWCA confirmed that, reporting a 70 percent increase in women and children seeking shelter from abuse.

    Six said he's seeing an upswing in domestic violence, based on abuse complaints and meetings he's had recently with operators of shelters for battered women and other victim-assistance organizations.

    "A tough economy tends to increase stress on families and unfortunately, that often leads to violence," Six said.

    Six spoke Thursday to about 500 victims' rights advocates and service providers at the annual Crime Victims Rights Conference at the Hyatt Regency Wichita.

    Chryle Nofsinger-Wiens, executive director of the Wichita YWCA, attended the conference and confirmed that her organization is seeing the increased domestic abuse that Six cited.

    "There has been a 70 percent increase in the number of women we shelter since June," Nofsinger-Wiens said.

    Her organization operates a shelter that can handle about two dozen women and children fleeing abusive home situations.

    "As soon as someone moves out, someone comes in," she said.

    In addition to the family shelter, the YWCA also provides counseling, advocacy and support services for 600 to 700 domestic violence victims, including 100 to 125 men, she said.

    Like Six, Nofsinger-Wiens said the economic downturn and the domestic violence upturn are related.

    Unemployment especially worsens the problem, particularly among those men who are already prone to abusive behavior and drinking, she said.

    By itself, unemployment doesn't cause abuse, Nofsinger-Wiens said.

    "But it can be a tipping point, maybe going from verbal to physical," she said.

    And the situation can be even worse when it's the woman who loses the job, she said.

    "He's still working and she isn't," Nofsinger-Wiens said. "That gives him one more thing to literally beat her up about."

    To combat the increase, Six said his office is tapping into federal stimulus money and last year started a program to solicit funding from the private sector. He said his office recently received a substantial donation from Wal-Mart.

    The attorney general's office recently granted $2.25 million to domestic-violence shelter programs in Atchison, Great Bend and Manhattan, Six said.

    Six's office also is projecting that 2009 will be a record-setting year for payouts from the state's Crime Victims Compensation Fund.

    The state-administered fund helps crime victims get money for lost income, medical care, mental-health counseling and other expenses related to injuries from violent crime.

    This fiscal year, the fund's payouts are expected to exceed $5 million for the first time, said attorney general's spokeswoman Ashley Anstaett.

    Six said his office has streamlined the process for applying for compensation and worked with shelters and other service providers to make sure crime victims are aware of their rights.

    Money for the fund comes from assessments against people convicted of violent crimes, Six said.

    The fund allows crime victims to get compensation when they need it, rather than having to wait a year or more for court-ordered restitution money, he said.

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