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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

“Shared Parenting” Advocate Blames Mom for Being Stabbed to Death by Dad

“Shared Parenting” Advocate Blames Mom for Being Stabbed to Death by Dad

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Just when I think the garbage that comes from the abuser’s lobby can’t get much worse, I run across something else even more horrifying.  An Indiana mother who had gotten protective orders three days prior was stabbed to death by her abusive husband on Father’s Day, in front of their children.  And this “shared parenting” advocate has the nerve to blame the mother for her death!  What a nutcase…goes to show you what these guys really stand for.

From Mothers of Lost Children:

Angie Warnock is Blamed for Her Own Death

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Another local blogger, Stuart Showalter, has chosen to blame Angie Warnock for her own death, stating that she should not have gotten protective orders:

“Angela Warnock’s use of the Indiana Civil Protection Order Act for leverage in the divorce proceedings with the father of their two daughters failed her this past weekend. On Friday she had obtained an order that would keep the father from having any further contact with his daughters for two years. In addition she had the daughters, age 8 and 12, sleeping with her. These are both signs of Parental Alienation.”

How interesting he claims the Protective Order was a leverage tool, when she had the hearing on Thursday last week to uphold and extend.  Joseph made the run to the courthouse on Friday to file for divorce.

In the hearing last week, the judge continued the preliminary order that Warnock should have no contact with his family.  Love also suggested that the couple take their dispute to divorce court. Joseph Warnock filed for divorce the next day.

More Stuart:

“Parental Alienation is damaging to the child. Instead of promoting independence, the alienating parent encourages continued dependence by the children. The parent may insist on sleeping with the child, feeding the child (”It’s easier if I do it”), and taking care of these rites of passage longer than normal child development calls for. One theory about why a mother will act this way is that when a father takes his share of joint custody is that it is like asking her to give away part of her body. One mother said, “He is going to remove my right arm and take it for the weekend.” It feels like the mother has lost a profound part of who she is as a person. She feels fractured, pulled apart.”

Claims of  “parental alienation” are well known by professional bodies and as such, is not accepted by any for use against another parent. 

2006 – The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges also discredited the theory.  It stated:

The discredited “diagnosis” of “PAS” (or allegation of “parental alienation”), quite apart from its scientific invalidity, inappropriately asks the court to assume that the children’s behaviors and attitudes toward the parent who claims to be “alienated” have no grounding in reality. It also diverts attention away from the behaviors of the abusive parent, who may have directly influenced the children’s responses by acting in violent, disrespectful, intimidating, humiliating and/or discrediting ways toward the children themselves, or the children’s other parent.

So whipping out the “parental alienation” card on this one Stuart shows just how twisted fans of this syndrome are.  More Stuart:

“Instead of encouraging the necessary interaction with both parents some battling spouses instead choose to use the children as a weapon against the other. Keeping children away from their fathers can have significant damaging effects. Children from fatherless homes account for 63% of youth suicides, [Source: US Dept. of Health & Human Services, Bureau of the Census]; 71% of pregnant teenagers. [Source: US Dept. of Health & Human Services]; and 71% of all high school dropouts [Source: National Principals Association Report on the State of High Schools].”

Actually research shows children are less at risk with mothers than with fathers.  How do you think the effects of seeing their father stab their mother to death works Stuart?  Is having a violent father around better than no father?  I know that is how the “father’s rights” advocates feel.  What about the children Stuart?  What about the children?

“Often times children are withheld from the other parent as punishment for a perceived wrong. This is commonly done through restraining orders which in the majority of cases do not even involve an allegation of violence. [False DV Allegations Cost $20 Billion] Douglas Darnell, Ph.D. Cites that a parent who physically or psychologically rescues the children when there is no threat to their safety reinforces alienation by placing in the child’s mind the illusion of threat or danger. An alienator may assume that if a parent had been physically abusive with him or her, it follows that the parent will assault the child. This assumption is not always true.”

So Stuart blames Angie for her own death:

“This is another case that demonstrates that a Protective Order does not protect and may actually lead to the death of a parent who was otherwise not threatened. In child custody cases every effort should be made to ensure that the children maintain healthy relationships with both parents. Not doing so can not only damage the children but, as in this case, cost the alienator her life.”

Shame on you, Stuart Showalter.  Because of abusive fathers and other father’s rights supporters who use claims of “parental alienation” against women who have genuine fear of their lives, lives will continue to be lost.  As these women continue to die, more and more people will realize the lies you spread are self-serving and dangerous.  And more children will continue to lose their mothers.  Shouldn’t the focus be on stopping violent fathers from doing this, rather than on another “blame the woman” again rant?

Any legislator that buys into your argument needs to be voted out of office.

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