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Monday, August 24, 2009

Teen Murder Victim's Family Seeks Custody of Her Two Kids the father murdered.

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Posted: 2:02 PM Aug 23, 2009

Teen Murder Victim's Family Seeks Custody of Her Two Kids

The family of a teen mother buried alive is trying to get custody of her children.

Reporter: Jacqueline Ingles
Email Address: jackie.ingles@wctv.tv

The family of Brittany Wade, 17, wants custody of her two sons.

Wade was found buried in a shallow grave behind a Valdosta home in the 1100 block of Bunche drive in late July.

Wade's ex-boyfriend and father of their two children, Jonathan Barrett, 21, is charged with her murder.

Brittany was visiting her children at that home when she was murdered.

"She was trying to make it good for her and her kids," said Cynthia Woodard, the victim's aunt. "Her last words to me, sitting on this very porch was, 'Auntie, I'm trying to get my kids, that's why I got a job.'

Woodard says both children are currently in the custody of the Department of Family and Child Services.

The Wade family has supervised visits with the children for a few hours each week.

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Posted by: Princess D Location: FL on Aug 23, 2009 at 08:46 PM

To Ms.Wade's family I am praying that the kids are given to someone in your family and not their father's....from reading the posted stories his family seems really shady..(the aunt and uncle who found the body)....how can someone bury a body in your back yard and you didn't know please....they probaly set her up thinking that if they killed her they could get the kids.....I pray that everything works out for your family.....and maybe the family should look into suing DCF....maybe the aunt knew someone there and thats how the she was able to have the visitations done at her house....I know someone who went through the same thing so please look into it....

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