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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Help MOMS Protect High Profile Attorneys

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Richard Ducote, esquire v.  Alleged Child Abusers
Mitchel Kalmanson, Maitland, Florida
Daniel Steiniger, Wheeling, West Virginia
Dr. Louis Thibodeaux, Cincinnati, Ohio
Andrew Titelman, Atlanta, Georgia In the Civil District Court For The Parish of Orleans, New Orleans, State of Louisiana

A sobering thought -

In America, you can say or write whatever you like about someone ... as long as it's true.

If it's not, you might get sued.

Read below the lawsuit filed in July 2005 by nationally prominent child advocate attorney Richard L. Ducote against four alleged child abusers whom he alleges conspired to defame, libel and slander him.

In the Civil District Court

For The Parish of Orleans

State of Louisiana

Case No. 2005-7437 Docket 5 Sec. I Div. 14

To give you an idea how this works, you can't defame, libel or slander attorney Richard Lynn Ducote without getting yourself into one helluva legal mess - in other words ... get yourself sued. Better get your facts right, mister.

On the other hand, as way of example, if true, you can call an attorney any assortment of names that would otherwise be considered defamatory, libelous or slanderous. Here, we'll show you how that's done. Cincinnati, Ohio attorney Dominic Mastruserio is a bald faced liar who has brazenly and repetitively lied to a court of law. We can say that and get away with it because we can prove it easily in court. And truth is protected speech.

See how that works?

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