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Monday, November 30, 2009

Claudine Dombrowski Shawnee County Case Number 96D217 Testimony before the Kansas Senate Children's Committee 11-30-2009 part two of two

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The written testimony that you have was filed at the Inter American commission Human Rights IACHR known as Dombrowski v US 2007 For the Policy and procedure of Family/Juvenile Courts routinely placing battered mothers children with abusers and pedophiles. The State of Kansas and the Kansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault are Hard Copy signors to the petition which can be viewed in its entirety on the Stop Family Violence web site.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights was created in 1959 and is expressly authorized to examine allegations of human rights violations by members of the Organization of American States, which include the United States. It also carries out on-site visits to observe the general human rights situations in all 35 member states of the Organization of American States and to investigate specific allegations of violations of Inter-American human rights treaties. Its charge is to promote the observance and the defense of human rights in the Americas.

The Court’s record is complete, as well as a simple Google search of my name for any more information and court records on this case alone are available as they are to massive to even begin to present here.

My name is Claudine Dombrowski, I am a US Army Veteran. I was a psychiatric nurse for thirteen years with the State of Kansas and the Veterans Administration. Until December 2000 when I was placed on 100% physical disability related to the violence inflicted by the batterer.

In May of 1996 I was given permission to relocate to western Kansas to avoid the ‘unremitting violence that I and my daughter suffered at the hands of the batterer,’ Per stated the Court Order after and admitted by the abuser that he had had beat me with a heavy object causing 24 internal and external stitches for a head injury I sustained.

In July 2000 without any motion from any party the Judge simply on his own issued a 11 page Order by ‘snail mail’ giving complete custody of my 6 year old daughter to an admitted and convicted batterer known to have a violent history and illicit drug and alcohol abuse… I was immediately placed in supervised visits after a complete suspension of any contact with my daughter after I was violently raped and beaten again by the perpetrator In December 2000.

I have never been shown to be a threat or harm to my daughter- yet for the past 10 years I have not been able to see her past the confines of extremely structured and expensive supervised visits at best when I have been allowed to see her. There are numerous psychiatric reports on the courts file that state that I am not a threat or harm to my daughter quite contrary to that of the well documented violence and substance abuse of the perpetrator.

In a hearing on 10 April 2007, I asked yet again that my daughter be protected from abuse and at least have unsupervised visitation. Again the court refused. My daughter spoke out in 2000 2003 and three CPS reports have been filed but in all three, they claimed that I, the mother coached my child and punished both mother and child by restricting visitation time further. The lesson is clear – don’t report abuse.

In May 2007, after the International filing at the IACHR, I was enrolled automatically into the States Address confidentiality program Safe at home- I thank the State of Kansas for the program administered by the Secretary of State for victims of Domestic Violence-thereby protecting at least my address from the Abuser and the Courts by proxy.

In June 2007 my daughter’s Grandmother had made her last trip to Kansas in her wheel chair and on oxygen bringing with her Rikki’s dog to say good bye and to see her grandmother for the last time due to terminal end stage illness. The Court denied the supervised visit with her grandmother but allowed her to see her dog.

November 4th 2008 the courts further denied my daughter to even attend her grandmother’s funeral In Great Bend Kans.. and the court further gave the batterer complete control in allowing mother to see child even under the strict supervised visitation that had been implemented this past 1o years. The GAL however did give my daughter a 20$ gift certificate for the death of her granny.

April 2009- I asked again for visitation but was found in contempt of Court for a tribute video for my dead mother and daughter. I was asked to remove the video to which I did on April 6th They stated it was all removed and I was compliant with their requests..

October 2009 I spoke on a local television station with District Attorney Chad Taylor regarding Domestic Violence on the rise in Shawnee County. The next day, I was held in contempt of the court and my ‘Supervised Visitation’ had been suspended.

A ‘Supervised Visitation’ that I could not afford anyways and had not been able to see my daughter except for a precious few times since the death of her grandmother.

I am not allowed to have photographs of my daughter, or public court documents referencing this case, I am not allowed talk about this case; I am not to mention the violence incurred by the abuser. Even to this committee. Review for compliance is set for December 16, 2009, at 10:00 a.m.

I am not allowed to attend any school functions or to see my daughter; I have not been in any way found to be of harm or other threat to my daughter. If this committee can find out why I cannot see my daughter it would be greatly appreciated. And as to why I must be treated as a criminal and held in contempt and jailed for speaking with you today about the horrific injustice to my daughter and I. Complaints to BSRB, and Attorney discipline, as well as the Judicial Performance en re the Cannons have all been met with the ‘rubber stamp of ‘no ethics have been violated’.

I pray that when I die the GAL does not give to my daughter 20$ gift certificate.

Thank you for your time. If I can be of any further assistance to this committee please feel free to call upon me. I sincerely hope this committee can stop the genocide that has beseeched Kansas children.

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