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Monday, November 23, 2009

Dad with "temporary custody" confesses to beating 18-month-old son to death

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Dad with "temporary custody" confesses to beating 18-month-old son to death; he did it "because the baby wouldn't stop crying" (New Roads, Louisiana)

Dad AARON BOWMAN, who, for some unspecified reason, was awarded "tempoary custody" of his two young children, has been charged with 1st degree murder of his 18-month-old son. Dad has already confessed to the killing; seems his nose got bent out of joint because the little boy was crying. So Daddy beat him to death, the sick little sh**.

Not a word on the moronic officials who gave this creep "temporary custody." Let's see the names and some accountability!


New Roads man, 28, arrested in death of his child


Advocate staff writer

Published: Nov 22, 2009 - Page: 1B

New Roads police arrested the father of an 18-month-old boy Friday after the toddler was found beaten to death at his grandmother’s house last week, police said Saturday.

Aaron Bowman, 28, of New Roads, was booked into the Pointe Coupee Parish Prison on one count of first-degree murder, said New Roads Police Capt. Mark Munson on Saturday.

Bowman had temporary custody of Aaron Bowman Jr., the toddler, as well as his 2-year-old daughter, Munson said.

The toddler’s grandmother, who was not identified, called police at about 11 a.m. Wednesday, Munson said.

“When we got to her house, the baby was dead,” Munson said.

An autopsy showed that one of the baby’s legs was broken and he had been hit “with the palm of a fist” on his head, his stomach and his back, Munson said.

The child also had liver damage, he said.

“The baby died from internal bleeding,” Munson said.

The autopsy showed that the toddler received the injuries on Tuesday, he said.

Bowman first told police that the child was injured while Bowman was playing with him. Bowman said he was throwing the child in the air when the child “slipped” and fell, Munson said.

“But the injuries on the baby were not consistent with an accident like Mr. Bowman described,” Munson said. “His story was not consistent with the pathologist’s findings.”

Three police officers, Munson, Sgt. Shell Stringer, and Chief Kevin McDonald, questioned Bowman on Friday until he confessed, Munson said.

“He said he did it because the baby wouldn’t stop crying,” Munson said.

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