"Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill it teaches the whole people by its example.
Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law breaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself."
–Supreme Court Justice Brandeis

Monday, November 16, 2009

The White Ribbon Challenge to End Violence Against Women November 25, 2009

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Are you ready to take the Challenge?

On 4 November, White Ribbon Ambassador, Andrew O'Keefe launched White Ribbon's exciting online resource - the White Ribbon Challenge.

The Challenge is a chance for individuals, groups and communities to take action to end violence against women. It provides support, advice, tips and inspiration for creating real change in communities and offers an opportunity for supporters to communicate, network and share their knowledge.
Find out more about how you can make a difference by visiting the White Ribbon Challenge.

Nick Mazzarella, a White Ribbon Ambassador from Darebin City Council carries a White Ribbon through the streets of Darebin. Read more about Darebin's community involvement in the White Ribbon Challenge.

Prime Minister asks all Australian Men to Swear

At our 4th Annual White Tie Gala Dinner on 10 Sept, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called on all men to take action to end violence against Women.
"Every man, in every walk of life, all of the 10 million males in Australia, should swear on November 25," Mr Rudd said.
Mr Rudd's comments were referring to the new White Ribbon Campaign asking all men to swear never to commit, excuse, or stay silent about violence against women.
You can swear at www.myoath.com.au

Join our Kokoda Trek

We call on our Ambassadors to be role models for respectful relationships

The recent Four Corners documentary ‘Code of Silence’ highlights that violence supporting attitudes are still prevalent in our society.
We are asking all Australian men to challenge these attitudes and behaviours, so that we can begin to drive real change in our community. 
We commend David Gallop, the CEO of NRL and White Ribbon Ambassador, for his public commitment to change attitudes towards women, and to positively address the culture that exists within rugby league.
We rely on Ambassadors, like David Gallop, to act as positive role models for other men, and to lead the way in creating this change. We hope that more NRL players, and players from other codes, will join our campaign and sign up to eliminating violence against women in Australia. These men are role models, and their influence on the youth of today is incredibly impactful.
Read our full media statement here


Time for Action has arrived!

The White Ribbon Foundation has welcomed the Australian Government’s response to Time for Action, the $41.5 million immediate funding announced, and the focus on primary prevention through attitudinal change.

We now urge COAG to work quickly together to provide further funding to ensure that all recommendations in the report will be implemented without delay in early 2010.

We have also called on the federal and state opposition parties to endorse the Time for Actionreport as a bipartisan approach will be vital to ensure the success of the 12 year plan.
With the cost of violence against women predicted to rise to $15.6 billion by 2021, it makes good economic sense if the scale and urgency of the problem is reflected in this year’s, and future Commonwealth, State and Territory budgets.
Download our media release about the report here.
To read more about the National Plan click here.

Young people hold the key to ending violence
To coincide with Youth Week, the White Ribbon Foundation called on young men to play a positive role in changing attitudes to violence against women by becoming White Ribbon Ambassadors. 
The recent coverage of celebrity couple Rihanna and Chris Brown has brought domestic violence to the forefront of young people’s minds and is a shocking reminder of the widespread nature of the problem. The public response to this story has also demonstrated how young people still tolerate violence in their relationships, and even place blame on the victim.
A US poll showed nearly half of the respondents aged between 12-19 thought that Rihanna was ‘responsible’ for the incident. Research closer to home has shown that 29% of young people believe that ‘most physical violence occurs in dating because a partner provoked it’.
It is important for young people, particularly young men to be conscious of their own attitudes and of those around them, and to be aware of positive steps they can take in challenging violence supportive attitudes and behaviours.
You can nominate yourself or someone you know to become a White Ribbon Youth Ambassador.
Download the full media release here.


The violent secret in our teenagers' lives

The White Ribbon Foundation released a report showing more than half a million teenagers are living with violence in the home.
The report An Assault on Our Future: The impact of violence on young people and their relationships shows that this violence is having a major impact on the long term health and wellbeing of Australia’s children.

Download the full report here


your friends and family a Virtual White Ribbon here.
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