"Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill it teaches the whole people by its example.
Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law breaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself."
–Supreme Court Justice Brandeis

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Batterers, Misogynists, Parental Alienation, (Perps Aligning) Courts Profits, Oppression, Research, Facts and Time Lines

From the BADASS’s: Bloggers Against Deprivation, Alienation Syndromes, & junk Science


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Issues, per authors
  • 000_Bancroft critiques Johnston 1998-Critical Analysis of Janet Johnston’s Typology of Batterers. Why you should care? AFCC (see site) are being trained by such types of understatements of these issues. Bancroft ran one of first batterer’s treatment programs for men, hands-on knowled 0
  • 000_Custody Switch Sample Case read after “Bait & Switch.” Classic case. Protective Mom jailed (for protecting, or trying to). 0
  • 000__Custody Bait ‘n Switch 101 Explore this Calif. site! (plus NAFCJ.net) to the process — Why aren’t laws enforced? How can this be? ($$$ explained) 0
  • 1972-2009 Are Women Still Mad? (Phyllis C.) 1972ff (intelligent dialogues from Phyllis Chesler) 0
  • 1993-NAFCJ researching wider “web” (Liz R. asks Why)There’s a method to the madness of this system, and who’s funding what and why. 0
  • 2000 –HSLDA morphs to Patrick Henry College (Article) Where HSLDA meets Patrick Henry College, meets Washington DC (as recounted by a nonbeliever). Location, Location Location. 0
  • 2005- Calif NOW asks Congress to investigate Fathers Rights Funding Fatherhood programs operate on the false premise that there is a “crisis in fatherlessness,” which is 0
  • 2006 – State of American Manhood One of the more relevant pieces around, I blog on this June 2, 2009. Courtesy “postsecondary.org and postsecondaryopportunity.blogspot.com — pls visit! 0
  • 2009 – David Blankenhorn writes Obama Father-to-Father, “More than half of all U.S. children today are likely to spend at least a significant portion of their childhoods living apart from their fathers. For African American children, tragically, that figure is at least 80 percent.” 0
  • Evangelical Christianity’s Catch-22 on Violence The practice of hiding, ignoring, and even perpetuating the emotional and physical abuse of women is … rampant within evangelical Christian fellowships and as slow as our legal systems have been in dealing with violence against women by their husbands, 0
  • JusticeWomen on-Govt/Corporate takeoversOver the last 15 years, the U.S. violence against women movement has become increasingly embedded in the very institutions we most need to change. The feminist rape and domestic violence centers of yesterday have become morphed into the quasi governmental 0
  • Kids in Distress in AustraliaWell written discussion, many links. Parallels US situation…”In 1975 the no fault divorce rules came into force. This meant that the normal tests of morality and behavior such as drug addiction, infidelity, gambling, and violence were irrelevant to a d 0
  • Richard Gardner says (er, said…) From StopFamilyViolence. Pro-PAS = Pro THIS. FYI, “Stop Family Violence does not agree with the views espoused by Gardner – we find them disgusting, offensive, and most importantly, they are not correct. Gardner’s views are based in his own perverse t 0
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