"Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill it teaches the whole people by its example.
Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law breaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself."
–Supreme Court Justice Brandeis

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome to The Twenty First Century ‘Dark Ages’

No Mothers: The Twenty First Century Dark Ages

Blame and shame is what divorced dads have become professional at. At the centre of the media spotlight is a 12 year old girl who is pregnant from a 15 year old boy. The family of the fifteen year old boy is not apprehended, nor the centre of concerns. The mother however is viewed upon with contempt for a crime she never committed. The father publicly humiliated her by saying that

the mother had allowed the boyfriend to stay at the home. The grandmother cleared such speculation, "He's not in jail and he's never lived at the house," the grandmother toldThe Daily Telegraph. The underlying issues that condemned a 12 year old was hate of women's freedom.

The fact that her mother did not stay with the father, the fact that in separation, she is still tied to his accusations. In the political climate of post shared parenting bill, every women who leaves a husband is standing on egg shells whilst fathers groups wait for her to fall. The term, "kicking her whilst she is down" comes in mind here, but this father had to set this "fall" up and create the sensationalism. The question he was really asking DOCS was not of whether his child is protected, but why are they not punishing her.

In other news, a minister was humiliated by senator Hogg for taking her child into the chamber. The excuse was that the child was classed as a "stranger in the house". This was also applied to Kristie Marshall in 2003 when she breast-fed her baby.

it is no wonder there are few provisions for mothers in the legislation when mothers are made to choose between their children and their work on building a future for them. Any dirty trick to exclude a mother from law is used in these instances. The laws for men and fatherhood are ambiguous. They are built upon the remnants of what use to be a "men only" society. Over the past few decades, women's rights have worked away tirelessly upon removing what entrenches women. They have also opened the doors to the rights of children and rights of other groups that have been affected. New generations have emerged with the rights that were once fought for whilst the old begin to retire, unaware of the opposition and potential for such rights to be reversed. They are the loophole generation, naive and free with choices. The rise of those who oppose women's rights has reached its fruition within public domain. They have learned to abuse the same speeches, phrases and strategies that were used to liberate women. Their rhetoric is that women have "enough" rights and are abusing theirs. The manner of which is demonstrated is in the area of family law; a place that only those who have accessed such a place know fully of its true nature.

The Family Court still deals with children and property in one case. Their decisions, research and statistics are heavily guarded under the guise of "best interests", the same phrase used by Nazi social workers to abduct and adopt children out to German families because in their eyes, it was the child's "best interest" was to be german. The current climate, "shared parenting" and "best Interests" are used to reinforce a new marriage contract and punish disobedient mothers. "Disobedient mothers" are viewed to be those who do not encourage a relationship to the father and turn a blind eye to his actions. The worst treated in the realm of the family court are often the ones who have endured the most to stand against such treatment. According to practitioners, the reason for so many family violence cases being ignored is because they need to guard against false allegations. What they wont tell you is that these, "false allegations" are actually cases where there is not enough evidence provided. What is also not brought to light is the number of these, "False allegation" cases that are ordered not to access services that are equipped to investigate. This includes doctors, therapists and child protection workers. Even requests for contact to be done at a police station are barred. In a modern world, these traditions have managed to survive in isolation. Like the remnants of the black plague, the threat of women and children becoming property has never been so real.

Welcome to the twenty first century dark age, where the nightmare has only just begun.

It is...





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